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Hikki's Website: The prodigy Utada Hikaru's Official website has news about latest release on albums and singles

Jpop Music: Latest news from the J-pop world!

Playonline: The Official online strategy of Squaresoft games.

Ayumi Hamasaki's Official Website: For Ayu fans, go here for latest news and releases

BoA's Official Website: The Korean talent that broke the language barriers! go here for releases and news.

Oricon: the charts for latest Japanese music and games release

YesAsia: for your C,K,J-pop needs!

WOWOW Online: my favorite movie channel. (maintained by Japanese people)

Extended Play: Latest news fresh from the gaming world

Gamefaqs: For game strategy and help needs

Inoue Takehiko san's Official Webpage: contains Inoue san's new comics and deluxe edition comics. promotes your site as well as your artworks!

Google!: great search site! plus, my site is in there too!!


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Ayanosuke's Grains