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10/14 ~ I planned the whole day on how to make this freakin' page with Adobe Photoshop

10/15-20 ~ AAArgh! I am learning on how to create a webpage on Dreamweaver 4.1's tutorial stuff!!

10/21 ~ *tired* I decided to make my site "frame oriented". (I hate it when the things I do don't turn out right >.<)

10/22 ~ I hope I can finish this website sooner or I'll be out of semestral break (>.<)

10/23 ~ (O_o) ergh!!! I can't fix the problem of this freakin' site!!! Oh, by the way, I have finished inking the drawings that I will going to use in this site and.........Leveled up in Final Fantasy X. heheh...

10/24 ~ It's my best friend Aya's birthday today!!!! Happy 18th Birthday Aya!!! (I hope you are reading this)

10/25 ~ uh oh, the pictures I will use in this site has not been already scanned (-_-). I'll try my best to put it up as fast as I could!. Iam going to make my very first original character site. Check "Altros" (In focus) (>.<)

10/27 ~ November is FAST approaching, and I still haven't posted up my site! (-_-) and our cut off is still at November 13! dammit! Anyways, I think by that time, I have many pictures to post. ^^. Be positive (>.<)!!

11/02 ~ OMG! it's now Novemeber and im still not up yet! i'm planning to just change the date release of my website!

11/06 ~ Still no web account! (>.<) I have a plan of having my friend color one of my characters! I hope she agrees with my plan! (Ayanosuke!! I hope you are reading this!!)

11/11 ~ *Happy Birthday Kelvin!!! Happy Birthday also to Roronoa Zoro!!

11/13 ~ YEs!!!! net cut off today!! I can post my website now!!!!