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Wisdom ~ Much like BBS but this page is only where my personal friends post. So if you are not familiar with this part of the page, please put your messages inside BBS

BBS Explanation ~ The BBS in this webpage is Japanese, but the form is in English. So I think you can post in your message easily. Ok, the explanation of this site, is BBS is a mini "post-it" site wherein you can post your message, and I can respond to it. It is easier to have communications that way. If you have any questions, mail me

Paint BBS Explanation ~ much like BBS, but instead, you can post in your "online artwork". What do I mean? well basically, Paint BBS is an online paintshop program where you can draw pics and post it . When you post your drawings, any person in the web can view and put comments on it. The only thing is, the whole website is on Japanese, only people with a little idea or know Japanese stuff can easily navigate through it. Yet, if you really want to know more about it, mail me (I can help explain Japanese text there)