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"The world of the troubled people"

Altros 4/25/02 ~ Altros' picture bust

Altros 4/24/02 ~ Altros reading "Kramus et Vi"

Hikari 4/25/02 ~ Hikari's picture bust

Aurora 4/25/02 ~ Aurora picture bust

Granaldo 4/25/02 ~ Granaldo picture bust

Altros 11/11/02 ~ Altros with staff

Comics 11/11/02 ~ ENOUGH!!!

The Story

Mythos is my latest "RPG" fantasy anime that I created.

It all started focusing a young man named Altros who is normally doing his job as being an apprentice. Every young apprentice must learn and memorize the whole story of "The Legend of the Legend". Altros thought of it as a very boring tradition.

"The Legend of the Legend" is a story of a young powerful magician traveling the whole world trying to study the art of magick. The young lad in the story travelled as much as he could, and finally obtaining the greatest magick. After that, the young man dissapeared, only his teachings and studies remained.

Back to the story. Altros, was meddling with his master's treasured mementos, and finally, attracted by this strange shaped metal staff. He touched it. He then realized, his whole town was turned into stone. Because he broke some kind of a curse, he too, was turned into a stone.


Oddly, he ended up waking in a magical circle. He saw this little girl infront of him as if she was tired from a long journey. He asked the girl who she is, and she answered that her name is Hikari. Hikari explained, that he was the "Legendary Legend" that would save their world (very confusing ain't it?). She summoned him to their world, (which was different fron Altros') to save them from the coming _____that would devour their world. Hikari also mentioned that she expects very great things from him. Because Altros was only an apprentice by that time, and know very little magick, he was so shocked and tried to refuse the girl's offer.