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Height: 161 cm

Birthplace: Bevelle

the daughter of the late Summoner Braska, has attained her father's place. After her father's defeat of Sin, Yuna pleaded to follow her father's footsteps by choosing to become a Summoner. (Summoners are chosen ones that can call an "Aeon" or monsters that can help them defeat Sin). Sin is an entity that causes Spira (their world) deaths. With her companions behind her, she can bring the people the "Calm" they wanted.

Yuna appears in Final Fantasy X for PS2. For the first time, they featured voices.

Yuna was voiced by: Hedy Burress (NA version) & Mayuko Aoki (Jap Version)



*I like what Tetsuya-san had created. Well, as a result, a breath-taking female lead character of another Final Fantasy. When I played the game, Yuna was very calm-looking. Notice, that Yuna has this two colored eyes. One green one blue, as the game says that it was the mark of a chosen summoner. And getting to the clothes, Tetsuya-san altered the traditional Japanese kimono to a real fantasy costume. As you can see, the kimono's sleeves was cut to separate the arm piece to the shirt. The kimono was paired with a long skirt and a traditional "obi". The only thing is, Yuna is wearing boots. Weird combination, yet very appealing.



This plot is my guess.

I think the setting of this character was after the ending of Final Fantasy X International's "Another Story"




Now will you look at the new image of Yuna! What a transition! from a calm, naive girl to an adventurous, wild woman! Well at first, when I saw this new look, I have first thought of Wonder Woman 'coz of them hood-looking-like-a-cape thing on her back (^^), (Tetsuya is getting more of the "hooded" look, it's his 3rd time he used that look). Yuna now uses gel (haha), She has the mark of Zanarkand, and wears clothes like Rikku. Again, Tetsuya-san made another character breakthrough. Though I had a hard time thinking about Yuna holding guns (^^). Tetsuya-san must've put that half skirt on Yuna's waist, mebbe because if the skirt wasn't there, Yuna would be rated as R18 (^^). Anyway, Tune in for more info on this game!


It will be released at March 2003