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Hikaru Utada

Born on January 19, 1983, New York. Her fans call her Hikki. The "Princess of Pop" as she was aliased. Hikki was raised in New York. Later on, she transferred to Japan, unexpectedly making a big hit.

Her single "Automatic" (1999) sold a 9 million copies on it's first release. Her next single "First Love"(1999) was considered a "legendary music" shocking the whole world with her unique voice . Her first album titled after her single "First Love" debuted also in 1999 again, selling million copies worldwide.

Her next album, "Distance" also sold alot of copies. Containing the songs "Wait and See" "Can You Keep A Secret" & "Distance". Also a popular hit.

Hikki made a comeback with her song "Final Distance" and "Traveling" which was nominated as the best video in MTV Japan. She won an award as the best RnB singer in Japan. She also sang the Kingdom Hearts theme song "Hikari" (Japan Version) and "Simple and Clean" (NA version). Her latest single, "Sakura Drops" was also a hit. For the third time, Hikki released her album "Deep River" that also topped the selling charts.